About us

Tannun Sands   /  High rise   
CKBE – Commercial Kitchens and Bar Equipment were responsible for the fit out’s of all the shops from Juice Bar to Fish chips and ta vino Restaurant 

CKBE – Commercial Kitchens and Bar Equipment.

Our role is to listen and understand your needs and provide you with the best possible customer service and equipment for your business. We are experienced in all fields when it comes to fitting out your Shop, Business or Licenced Premises.

Our customer service is the best in the business and we years experience including Construction sites around the Central Queensland area and we have worked in conjunction with Purchasing Supervisors relating to large mine site operations.

Commercial Kitchens and Bar Equipment can supply the everyday items that help you run your business effectively. We have a large Central Queensland Client base that are testament to the quality of service we can provide to your business.

Please contact CKBE if you have any enquiries regarding equipment or financing of new equipment.

Call us today on 0403 672 585 for an unbeatable quote and let us come to you!!